"Ved was trying to convince me that he saw a pack of monkeys swimming alongside the ship. I told him that if he didn't stop spinning tall tales and distracting the crew, the only monkey swimming in these waters would be him."

- Captain's Log of a Pilian trading vessel, first recorded sighting of a Seadrill


Seadrills are a species of aquatic primate who dwell mainly in the ocean surrounding Milen. Due to possessing both gills and lungs, they are capable of living both on land and underwater. There are two sub-species of Seadrill: Shore Seadrills and Deep Seadrills. Deep Seadrills are distinguished by their royal-blue fur and deep water habitat, while Shore Seadrills have cyan fur and live along the Barig Coast.

Both sub-species of Seadrill live in large groups, called "tribes", although there is little interaction between members of a tribe aside from mating. It is thought that they form tribes mainly for protection from predators. Their diet consists of fruit and fish, and vessels carrying said goods must be wary of Seadrills climbing aboard to steal some. Seadrills are remarkably intelligent, and have even been witnessed sneaking through a ship's porthole to not alert the crewmen above.

Deep Seadrills can be found anywhere in the ocean, although they usually remain at least 20 miles from land, but Shore Seadrills are only found on a strip of land at the edge of the Ajjadian Wilds known as the Barig Coast. Due to the immense danger trekking through Ajjadian Wilds poses, the existence of Shore Seadrills was discovered only very recently. The reason for the population difference between Deep Seadrills and Shore Seadrills is unknown, but it has been suggested that increased competition for food on land is driving more and more Seadrills to the ocean.


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